I.I.R.Y. (International Institute of Yoga Research) was established on March the 6th in 1993, by an international group of yoga teachers who studied with Gèrard Blitz for over 15 years. Gérard Blitz was a zen monk, consecrated by Taisen Deshimaru, and a yoga master educated by T.K.R. Krishnamacharia. Friend of Krishnamurti and T.K.W. Desikachar, he brought this yoga tradition, based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, to the Western World, developing clear and simple teaching methods suitable for everyone. Yoga schools associated with I.I.R.Y. follow his teaching. The institute includes Active Members and Teachers, who qualify after attending the 4 year Education Program created by Gérard Blitz for the ‘European Union of Yoga Federations’, that he also founded. I.I.R.Y. teachers are educated by a unique master, who is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of the teaching.
I.I.R.Y. is an association of teachers and schools throughout Italy and Europe, dedicated to the study, research and education of yoga.

The Education Program to become a teacher is restricted to Active Members who are experienced students and recommended by their Teacher.

LIST OF TEACHERS. Please contact the Secretary (mailto: segreteria@iiry.org) if you are looking to practice with one of our teachers, or if you are looking for a teacher active in your area.